About Herbalwise

You are what you eat, and you are what you consume.

We constantly need to make choices that contribute to our own health, as well as the health of our world community. In that sense, founder Dr Irfan Unal believes in bringing natural resources to each individual, through quality products that combine Mother Nature's benefits for human consumption.

Our Products

Here at HerbalWise we produce the best natural products consists of  bodycare and healthcare for all age groups. With our products, you not merely using it; you are guaranteed to be enriched with its natural and high-quality materials, and get pampered with the exotic fragrance that we have blended from various flowers and herbs.


Our Services

We also offer herbal product development:  from physicochemical characterization and authentication of herbs for custom formulation to finished product manufacturing for private-label distribution.

We specialize in the identifying and sourcing of authenticated, high-quality herbs.  If you are a conscientious marketer with a lot of good intentions to contribute to consumer health but no technical capability, let us be your technical center.  Or if you are an herbal products manufacturer wanting a new direction of your health and beauty products, let us advise and provide you with the necessary knowledge.


Welcome to the home of natural wellbeing!

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